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"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
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Finding a Competent Houston Divorce Attorney

There are many divorce proceedings that go on in Houston each year. Since a divorce can be an extremely difficult process to go through, you wouldn't want to add more stress to what you are already experiencing. Thus, the issue of choosing the best Houston divorce attorney is something that should be taken seriously.

Divorce procedures can get highly charged, so you want an experienced Houston divorce attorney. An able and competent lawyer should be able to deal well with the intricacies usually  involved in the divorce process. He should also have the capacity to make you understand the repercussions and consequences of everything that's happening in your case. And with all that you are going through, you would want a Houston divorce attorney who can perform what is expected of him. To ensure that the lawyer you choose will not come up short, here are some ways to help you find the best one for the job.

Use referral services.

While most will recommend finding a competent Houston divorce attorney through acquaintances and people you trust, a lot of experts caution against blind faith. According to legal professionals, the recommendation should come from somebody who holds some grounds for making it. In this light, legal referral services pose a significant advantage. A legal referral service is a source of competent lawyers in different specialties. Companies such as these guarantee qualified lawyers by:

  • Asking lawyers to submit proof of experience in their individual areas of specialization and to provide work samples

  • Subjecting these lawyers to questioning by a panel of judges and lawyers

  • Checking the lawyers' legal standing annually

  • Asking clients to complete satisfaction surveys

Inquire from people who went through divorce proceedings.

If there is anybody else who have something to say about divorce attorneys, it's the people who experienced divorce trials themselves. You can ask them about their experience with the Houston divorce attorney they hired to help them out with the case. Your inquiry will yield especially fruitful results when you talk with people who had positive results.

Research the background of the Houston divorce attorney by performing an online search.

Referrals are only the first step in finding a good lawyer. Thus, when you already have prospects, find information on each of their credentials and their legal reputation. You can study their win-loss statistics, read up on the articles they have written, and browse the news reports about them. Most importantly, check if they are properly licensed. Some localities provide an online registry of attorneys that indicate if lawyers are aptly licensed, or whether their license have been suspended or revoked.

The most important part in your search for a qualified lawyer is the interview.

A meeting with your prospective Houston divorce attorney will pretty much end your search. That is, if you come out of the discussion satisfied with what you have heard and been offered with. During the interview, never hesitate to ask questions and clarifications. Ask the lawyer about the following:

· Overall practice
· His experience in handling divorce cases
· His approach to making decisions about your case
· His way of informing you about recent developments in your case
· Answering and returning phone calls
· His rate, fees and retainer agreements

"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
Click here if you still want to save your marriage.