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"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
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Do It Yourself Divorce: The Basics

If you think a lot of people are spending too much on weddings, just wait till you see the amount they accumulate when they go through a divorce. According to experts, a simple and straightforward divorce can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. If you are getting a divorce and you don't have as much, maybe you can try the do it yourself divorce kit online.

In a time when a big part of our lives are spent online, it is no surprise that getting divorced is already possible without the usual events tied to it. There are now numerous web sites that cater to do it yourself divorce services. Some websites that offer the service do not only provide documents, they also offer information on how to fill the forms out or provide a lawyer to guide and confirm if what the applicants did was right or not. Usually, online divorce sites offer $50 to $300 for the service.

However, some lawyers caution consumers about the do it yourself divorce and said that it is only suitable for simple cases. To make sure that the do it yourself divorce option is right for you, check if you meet the following requirements:

  • Both parties are in mutual agreement that divorce is the best option to take.
  • No minor children are involved.
  • There is little property or debt involved and both parties have agreed on the best way to divide it.
  • None of the parties involved is in active military service.
  • You have the capability to support yourself.
  • Neither of the parties involved has hired a lawyer or filed any paper or judgment.
  • Impending bankruptcy is not an issue for both parties.
  • No history of abuse or intimidation is involved.

If you meet the criteria, you will then be required to do paperwork for the completion of the do it yourself divorce process. Since each state differs in the documents needed for the divorce, you should check with your county clerk to see what they are. Here are the basic forms needed for the do it yourself divorce:

  • Petition for Divorce. This document gives the court jurisdiction over your divorce.
  • Financial Affidavit. This provides your financial agreements to the court.
  • Notice of Hearing. This document is filed after the judge's clerk or family court clerk schedules a date for the judge to hear the case.
  • Answer and Affidavit. This document allows the other party to be absent at the hearing if he or she gives acknowledgment of the validity of the do it yourself divorce. However, you need to ask the court clerk if this is permissible in your state.
  • Certificate of Corroborating Witness. This document proves that you have lived in the state long enough to qualify for a divorce there.
  • Settlement Agreement. This agreement determines the divorce conditions.
  • Divorce Judgment or Decree. This document is signed by the judge to finalize the divorce.

Sometimes things won't go well as you planned them to. The following are three indications that you need the services of a lawyer:

1) If in the course of the do it yourself divorce, you or your partner become hostile and become irrational when discussing the terms of settlement, it is recommended that you hire an attorney or mediator to provide assistance.

2) If the complications involved in the do it yourself divorce overwhelms you or you find that you become confused with your rights, you should seek the help of a lawyer.

3) If your spouse files for any type of legal documents for a divorce which is not included in your settlement discussions or if he or she hires an attorney, you should sought for legal help at once.

You can check the Internet for complete information on the do it yourself divorce and sample forms that you can use to carry out your own divorce in any of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

All in all, the do it yourself divorce should be a process that is simple enough and should cause less animosity between the parties involved. As long as both parties meet the requirements and are in mutual agreement, then this option is the best for them.

"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
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