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"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
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Divorce Form: What You Need to Know

Divorce can be a complex process. But you can make one phase simpler by using an online divorce form. Here are a few guidelines that will help you determine if generic divorce forms are appropriate for you. You will also find below the pros and cons of using divorce forms and how to choose the best one.

Why Use An Online Divorce Form

Many people who choose to represent themselves often use a divorce form available at online divorce sites. These online divorce forms make it clear that they should not be regarded as attorneys, and that they are there merely to help clients prepare the documents they need for the divorce process. However, experts caution that while it is one’s constitutional right to represent himself, he should first assess the significant risks that will be involved when he chooses to go the online route.

Disadvantages of online divorce forms

A lot of these divorce sites claim to offer divorce forms that will work in any state. The problem with this is that divorce laws in different states vary, making generic online divorce forms not practical for use in just about any jurisdiction. Thus, legal experts recommend that you first perform an evaluation of the specific web site that you are planning to file a divorce form with.

Using online divorce forms may not also be advisable if you have children. This is because a lot of divorce form web sites do not specifically address the provisions on the needs of children such as conservatorship, support and visitation. If you own property, you may also find that an online divorce form may not be suitable. Using a generic divorce form for your vehicles, real estate, 401k accounts, financial assets and liabilities may not actually take care of your interests.

Advantages of online divorce forms

While online divorce forms may be disadvantageous in some aspects, they are useful when you are filing for divorce and you have no children and no property that you need to divide between you two. With no complications attached, you can use a generic divorce form and save a few hundred dollars.

To make sure that you are getting the best online divorce form, here are a few guidelines:

1) Choose a web site that has a successful record of helping thousands of couples with their divorce process. Check if the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is protected by Verisign.

2) Go for a web site that offers divorce forms mandated and accepted by the state you’re living in. This is to ensure that the forms are legal and will unquestionably be accepted by the local courthouse.

3) Select an online divorce form that offers round the clock customer support. Make sure that the company forwards you to a live lawyer service in the event that it is unable to answer your legal questions.

You can get some divorce forms online here:

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Appearance, Consent and Waiver
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Child Support, Visitation and Custody/Child Support, Visitation and Custody Kits
Cohabitation Agreements
Divorce Petitions & Complaints/No Children
Divorce Petitions & Complaints/With Children
Domestic Relations Appearance
Final Judgment & Decree of Divorce
Financial Statement Kits
Marital Settlement & Separation Agreements/Parties With Children
Marital Settlement & Separation Agreements/Parties Without Children
Postnuptial Agreements & Amendments/Postnuptial Agreement Amendments
Postnuptial Agreements & Amendments/Postnuptial Agreements
Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements & Amendments/Prenuptial (Premarital) Agreements
Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements & Amendments/Prenuptial Agreement Amendments
Property Division Worksheets Kits
Separation Agreement
Testimony Worksheet


"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
Click here if you still want to save your marriage.