how to get a divorce


"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
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Taking Advantage of Your Divorce Attorney

Filing for divorce can be emotionally demanding. So, if you want to get a divorce, you will have to prepare yourself for what would be a bumpy ride. To help your legal journey go smoothly, you can hire a divorce attorney who will provide the expertise you need in order for you to reach fruition of your objective.

In choosing a divorce attorney, you should keep in mind that there are a number of tested techniques that you can use. The following should also serve as your guideline in the selection process: expertise in divorce mediation, reliability and professional attitude.

1) First, you need to identify the type of case you are going to be involved in. There are different attorneys with different specialization fields. Remember that you need to hire a divorce attorney with extensive experience in cases related to yours.

2) Ask for advice from other people. The divorce rate in the United States is around 50%, which means that there are a lot of divorce casualties. Meaning, there is a big chance that you know somebody who has experienced divorce. Ask these people about how the divorce process went, how they chose their divorce attorney, and their lawyer's overall performance.

3) After you have collected the names of several lawyers from your friends or family, get several names out of the lot. Go online and perform an Internet research on these personalities to give you a good idea on the person you will be depending on during the entire divorce process.

4) If you do not have a list of names, you can go straight to the Internet and do an online search. You can locate names of lawyers through the web. Target your results to zero in only on the law firms that are located in your vicinity. Many divorce lawyers have web sites and other literary stuff that center on their abilities as attorneys. You can use these to learn more about your prospects.

5) Once you have reviewed the information on their web sites, call each of them at their offices and schedule some appointments and consultations. When talking to them via phone or through face-to-face meetings, make sure he or she responds to your queries efficiently. Try to gauge how he or she responds to you, and assess if you are comfortable dealing with him or her.

Once you have selected a divorce lawyer, take advantage of the service he or she provides to you.

  • Be sure that you are well versed with the case and you know precisely what you want the divorce lawyer to clarify or do for you.

  • Do not depend entirely on your divorce lawyer for your decisions. Lawyers are far too costly to maintain to just use them for compassion and solace.

  • When discussing with your divorce lawyer, stick to the facts and avoid being too emotional. You are paying him to represent your best interests, not your emotions.

  • Make it clear with your divorce attorney that you are in charge of the case and that's how you want it to be. Clarify that you rely on him or her for good legal advice and lawyer experience, but the decision will come from you. After all, it is you who pay the bills.

"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
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