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"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
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Selecting the Best Arizona Divorce Lawyer

There are numerous men and women who undergo divorce proceedings in Arizona each year. However, many do not give thought to finding a lawyer that will best suit their needs. Getting the best one will take time and effort. But in the end, the best Arizona divorce lawyer will always prove worth the time and effort you spent. Here are some useful tips that will help you pick the best one.

Personal referral

Finding the best Arizona divorce lawyer can be done through personal referral. Friends and colleagues whose judgment you trust is an excellent source in helping you locate the best one for the job. Someone who is an active or newly retired lawyer or a judge is an even better source. These people can let possible clients know about the lawyer's reputation in the legal field.

Published Directories

Law directories, most specifically, are also one of the best sources in locating an able Arizona divorce lawyer. The data mine typically contains lawyer entries with pertinent information like:

  • The year the Arizona divorce lawyer first entered a state bar
  • Educational degrees earned
  • Specialized fields of law in which they practice
  • A listing of representative clients
  • The firm where the lawyer practices; and
  • Contact information.

Through the Internet

You can also find a competent Arizona divorce lawyer through the Internet. There are online aids that offer information on finding an attorney. Law web sites can also offer links that answer questions that need to be asked by those looking for legal representation. You can also use sites that allow searches to be narrowed down to lawyers practicing a specific specialty in a given area. The Internet can also help you locate the best Arizona divorce lawyer through evaluations of lawyers and law firms in terms of legal skills.

Lawyer Referral Services of Bar Associations

This can also be a good source in finding the most suitable Arizona divorce lawyer, although it only provides names of lawyers in a given region who practice a certain specialty and have permitted their names to be placed on the list provided by the bar association.

What you should know before choosing an Arizona divorce lawyer

The selection process of the best Arizona divorce lawyer may necessitate that you bring up and discuss with him some relevant concerns. These are:

  • The length of time that he has spent in divorce cases and if he has handled a case similar to yours
  • The strategy he is going to take and the likely results if he is to handle your divorce case
  • The period of time he will need to resolve the issues and to accomplish his task
  • The manner in which he will inform you of significant developments in the case
  • If there will be anybody else in his office who will handle your case and the experience they have
  • How much he charges and if it is a flat or an hourly rate
  • Other expenses you are likely to incur and how they are calculated
  • An approximation of the total bill

Often, a divorce case can be a complex procedure. But with a competent and experienced Arizona divorce lawyer, your legal rights and the interest you have can be appropriately protected.

"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
Click here if you still want to save your marriage.