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"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
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The Benefits of Arizona Divorce Mediation

Divorce in Arizona and anywhere in the country can turn into a messy and rough process. But couples can choose an easier route. It's called divorce mediation. Aside from smoothing out the bumpy ride to divorce, using Arizona divorce mediation helps couples deal with their issues well. It is also particularly beneficial for children.

Divorce mediation is quickly becoming a more appreciated option to traditional and adversarial approach to divorce. Instead of two lawyers who represent the different interests and concerns of each of their clients, an experienced divorce mediator works to lead the divorcing couple to come up and become in agreement with a negotiated settlement.

When couples decided to go through an Arizona divorce mediation, they will be given an opportunity to negotiate a divorce settlement that will be fair and adequate for each of the parties involved. Instead of the emotionally and financially demanding adversarial process, a divorce mediation involves steering the couple away from fights and arguments over their conflicting positions. The divorce mediator typically helps the couple focus on their future interaction and the best interest for their children.

Here are the reasons why an Arizona divorce mediation is an advantageous option:

1) An Arizona divorce mediation is a less stressful and emotional experience compared to the conventional way of getting a divorce.
When divorce is done through a mediator, couples are subjected to less ill will and animosity that are usually identified with protracted confrontations that result from adversarial attorneys and the people they represent. An Arizona divorce mediation also equates to shorter time spent on the process, significantly lower mediation expenses, and lower levels of emotional stress.

2) Divorce mediation costs are considerably lower than traditional divorce process and yield faster results.

By opting for an Arizona divorce mediation, couples can do away with significant expenses associated with retaining lawyers. Instead of paying two attorneys, they only have to pay for the services of a divorce mediator. Divorce mediation costs are 40% to 60% lower compared to conventional divorce litigations. Also, having both spouses come together during mediation sessions considerably cuts down the time involved in the process and the mediator's billable time. The only time that spouses will need their lawyers is before signing the agreement.

3) Divorce mediation is a better option for those with children.

Children benefit a lot when divorce is done through mediation. This is because an Arizona divorce mediation gives the divorcing parents control in deciding for their children's needs and interests. Divorce mediation also allows the parents to make a mutually decided on parenting plan without passing on the decision regarding the children's futures over to judges and attorneys.

4) Divorce mediation does not subject the couple to public scrutiny.

Compared to traditional divorce litigation, an Arizona divorce mediation is done privately, avoiding humiliation on both parties. Instead of tearing down the marriage, mediation helps the couple cooperatively come up with agreements that are responsibly accomplished by both spouses.

5) Divorce mediation have lower re-litigation rates.

Mediated divorces have higher compliance rates, which naturally means lower re-litigation cases. An Arizona divorce mediation induces couples to be more cooperative since they are the ones who formulate agreements, making them more likely to accomplish their settlements.

"Divorce should always be the last recourse..."
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